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Cynthia Guffey - Baton Rouge Louisiana
Sewing Books

Cynthia’s Precision measuring and Pattern Alterations
(Bodice, Skirt, Jacket)  sewing books

This booklet contains measuring charts for both basic and jacket measurements - explains an exact system of measuring yielding precise numbers – Contains all basic pattern alterations with a guarantee this system of measuring and pattern alterations works on any figure type. 
sewing books

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Pants Fitting Workbook  sewing books

Follow the step by step instructions to guarantee every pair of pants you make is a perfect fit.  sewing books

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Cynthia’s Dress Designs: Volume 1  sewing books

Learn how to convert a simple, princess seamline dress into four beautifully designed dresses – corded pintucks – inset-piping – side neckline tie –a overlay asymmetrical hems.  sewing books

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Cynthia’s Dress Designs: Volume 2  sewing books

More of Cynthia’s princess seamline dress designs – including pintucks on Fabu-Leather – contrasting inset bands – V-shaped inset – and a pleated topsewing books

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Cynthia’s Dress Designs: Volume 3  sewing books

Includes four designs featuring Butt seams - front zipper and asymmetrical hems.  sewing books

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Sewing Techniques: Volume 1
(Collars, Facings, Sleeve Plackets, and Cuffs)  sewing books

This booklet details collar construction for both basic and suit collars – learn to angle stitch in corners for a sharper point and how to insure both sides are equal in length and angles – also describes two types of sleeve plackets – a clean finish for the edge of facings – and a cuff application that results in neat – clean edges and square corners.  sewing books

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Sewing Techniques: Volume 2
(Zippers for Skirts, Back, Neck, Pants: Buttonhole Placement)  sewing books

This booklet demonstrates an overlay – underlap zipper where the teeth and pull never show – a finishing treatment of the neck facings in a back neck zipper that eliminates bulk – Learn to place an easy pants zipper where center front stays on center front during the entire application of the zipper – includes rules for button placement.  sewing books

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Sewing Techniques: Volume 3 (Darts, Corners, Transferring Markings, Edgestitching, Bias Binding, Drafting & Lining a Pattern)  sewing books

Thread tailor tacks – an easy method to turn a corner when applying bias binding – this title describes the book’s contents – learn how to stitch a dart that does not end in a pucker.  sewing books

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Sewing Techniques: Volume 4 (Bound Pocket and Bound Buttonhole)  sewing books

Cynthia demonstrates the easiest bound pocket and bound buttonhole technique.  sewing books

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Sewing Techniques: Volume 5 (Patch, Flap, and Side Angle Pockets)  sewing books

Learn two types of patch pockets: one that is topstitched – one that appears hand sewn but is actually machine sewn – the flap pocket shows a facing applied by hand to prevent rolling – the side angle pocket eliminates seam on edge with no bulk and no lining showing.  sewing books

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Make your next trip a sewing extravaganza. Join Cynthia Guffey in her Baton Rouge store for detailed hands on instructions. Cynthia will custom design classes to met your specific needs. Book days and time that fit your schedule. All aspects of custom dressmaking are available. Garment fitting including pants, tailoring and multitude of finishing and sewing techniques. Simply call Cynthia, tell her what you want and book your time.


Fees will be quoted on an individual basis.


Cynthia is available for classes, seminars, and workshops for stores, groups, or organization. The following is a sample of topics:

• No Nonsense Measuring & Pattern Alteration
• Cynthia’s Customized Sewing Fast & Easy
• More of Cynthia’s Customized Sewing Fast & Easy
• Cynthia’s Tailored Woman’s Shirt
• Cynthia’s No-Nonsense Pants Fitting
• Cynthia’s No-Nonsense Pants Construction
• Cynthia’s No-Nonsense Clothing selection
• Machine Embroidery Made Easy
• An All-Day Fit
• Sewing Techniques
• Pants Fitting Clinic

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